Aleena Q.

Hi! My name is Aleena Qazi (see below for pronunciation) and I am a Graphic Designer living in NYC.


I am a very high-energy person who laughs all the time. I have a lot of passion about my work—I enjoy designing editorial layouts and books about things that make me happy. As you can probably tell, I have an affinity for elegant serifs and large scale-shifts in type.


Some things to know about me:

I wear heels every day. I paint my nails a different color at least twice a week because there are too many colors to choose from. I love being around flowers and will make people wait for me while I take pictures of flowers, bodies of water, or sunsets. I like my coffee with so much milk and sugar that it barely tastes like coffee anymore.





Pet peeves:

that red squiggly line under my name.



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